FaceBook friends.

I recently decided to draw EVERYONE I was friends with on facebook. I gave myself  around 30-60 seconds per portrait.


About Kyle Wilson

Freelance illustrator looking for projects.
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10 Responses to FaceBook friends.

  1. ubi de feo says:

    hi Kyle.

    our friend Morcky has been doing this for almost a year.
    you can check out his account here http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001834170123


  2. Asian Dyna says:

    Such amazing illustrations. I’m a fan.
    Dyna :)

  3. roland deschain says:

    that’s it???? that’s all the friends you have on facebook??? FAIL.


    very good job

  4. azi-ta-da says:

    What a great idea. LOVE this!

  5. Brad Barrish says:

    What’s your going rate to do a hand-drawn icon for me?

  6. tamarapaulin says:

    Oh, now I want to do this! What a wonderful idea! I will give you full credit. :-)

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  8. Eben kling says:

    This is rad. Do more.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh my god. This and you are so brilliant.

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